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Joshua Tree

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Marine by Paul Verlaine

Things that make one Happy

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150 Years Ago Today

The Drunken Boat part 2

The Drunken Boat

The Delacroix Museum

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The Luxembourg Gardens

The poet as seer

The Tailor who dreamed of flight

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Ophelia and beyond

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Avedon 100

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Palm Sunday

Happy 2nd Anniversary!


Reading from the Waves

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A poem for Spring

Mommy part 2

Mommy part 1 (part 2 next)


The Song of Wandering Aengus

Peaceable Kingdom

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Letters from the Ming Dynasty

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Milan in three segments


Oh Yoko!

A salute to sisters

Uncle Wiggly and the world

My cup runneth over

Happy Birthday Bertolt Brecht

The great return

An absolute travesty

Uncle Wiggily in the dark

The continuing adventure

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Dr. Possum calls

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A Sinister Assassin

Happy Birthday David Lynch

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Birthing a poem

The moon and the maid

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