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Christmas night

A snippet of song and hopes for better days

Hello Everyone,

And so this is Christmas and I am sitting at my worktable considering the various meanings of the holiday, whether spiritual, traditional or commercial. The aspect of giving, which is symbolized by the Three Wise Men’s offerings to the infant Jesus, the aspect of hope, personified by the Christ child, the light of the world. There are varying traditions, ranging from acts of charity, caroling, family dinners, listening for Santa’s reindeer, trimming the tree, and night walking in the falling snow. But of all things, when I was young, Christmas was a time of peace, humanitarian truce; a time of reflecting on the value of human life.

We are living in times when so many people are suffering, where there are no Christmas truces, and the way of the pilgrim has been denied. We feel helpless, but must maintain our concern for humanity, that is crying out. Cries that I can hear in my heart, even as I cross the street, safe and sound, on my way home.

Happy Christmas.

P.S….The video is a snippet from our concert in Sienna, Italy, taken by Janine Bub. Hoping you and your loved ones are safe and happy. If you are able look up at the night sky to say hello to the last full moon of 2023. In New York it is obscured by a strange night fog, but can be felt. So many feelings, everywhere from every direction.

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