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A small Easter message

Hello everyone,

On Monday I wanted to send this little clip shot by Janine Bub, from my Easter performance with Soundwalk Collective, but had a technical issue. The footage on the screen is from my favorite Pasolini film The Gospel according to St. Matthew.

I am in Berlin, working, performing and recording. It has been intermittently raining so I have had a lot of cafe time. Studying the work of Joseph Beuys, rereading A Season in Hell and endlessly writing. Okay. And daydreaming.

I am just sending this little clip with a small but deeply felt sigh of hope. And a line from Joseph Beuys, and a hello from the recording studio. Stay well everyone, drink plenty of water and stay as balanced as you can.

Joseph Beuys on Art.
Happy to be recording in Berlin.

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