I love this

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thank you for these helpful words Patti. We need some respite as well as reflection and the thoughtfulness that art and music can bring us to keep us together and keep us going

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I miss my girl too. It is so hard to not have her to snuggle, hear her purring away beside me every day and night. It is an empty feeling. I think about bringing another rescue home but somehow it feels like a betrayal - no one else can take the place of my sweet Byrdee. Maybe someday. 20 years is a long time to spend with anyone and the space they leave behind can't be filled.

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Dear Patty Smith queridas/os -heartbroken and also so happy to return to you (see below)

I have been thinking of Patty and you Substack friends during my 6 week stay in silent retreat at the Insight Meditation Society this September and October (where the wild thing are



Heartbroken to emerge from the retreat to learn of the Israel-Hamas war.

Shards surfaced from the past--- when I attended Barnard College (1967-1971) and my older brother was serving two tours in Vietnam.

Going from heartbroken to heartwrenching.

During those days, II had the amazing opportunity to enroll in a class on Greek Tragedy offered by a newly minted , wonderful, brilliant assistant professor.

It was so profoundly compelling to read the ORESTEIA by Aeschylus. The Washington Square Press paperback is still on my shelf--so yellowed and fragile (over 50 years old). The discussion and paper questions distributed by the professor are still tucked in the pages.

Now, in these dark days, I turn to this old translation again, espcially the moment when the FURIES (pursuing Orestes for killing his mother, Clytemenestra) yield to a "judicial hearing" to Athena, Goddess of Wisdom For me, the most important moment is when Athena decided to set up a judicial process exploring "revenge" (the Furies) and "justice."

Just a thought in these dark times, that our hearts might be eased by re-reading the ORESTEIA of Aeschylus---and this Veteran's Day too--as I sat on the steps of Butler Library at Columbia University, amidst the demonstrations against the Vietnam War and heart broken for my brother scooped up by the urgency of the draft for that war.

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Inspired by your mother, Cairo, and your mug: “Cafe du Mom et Meow”

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Thank you for the visit, Patti, from your own personal cafe. I enjoy the photos you share from your world travels. I know you’re acutely feeling the absence of your dear Cairo. Sending you comfort.

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Mom's café sounds just right. Thank you for sharing a few quiet early morning moments. I enjoyed this very much.

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I love your little café. Enjoy.

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PS, love the photo of your Mother beautiful.

Thank you, rest.

Liked the idea by the Dr. Cafe Cairo.

It's a strange thing how humanity perceives War, Growth, The Soul of Society, The Goodness and Beauty we know and feel that exists.


Be Well

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Saving your precious thoughts now and for future times...our Native Populations need vaccine Covid.19

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AMEN.....thanks for the visit


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Good morning, dear Patti. Welcome home! Thanks for having coffee with me at "Mom's Place" or whatever you name your residential cafe. We need this respite. Our world needs respite. We need to take a collective breath and just breath. In. and Out. Just breath. (and sip coffee, too!) and listen to the rain. Until next time, shalom.

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Always wonderful to hear about your travel adventures. What about Cafe Cairo? (I miss seeing her too from afar - she was quite the character.)

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Even though I'm fast approaching the back end of this day, I still feel the morning quiet. Faint traffic. A neighbor's saw carving out some bookcase. Or maybe a handrail. Have a friend who's husband is a State Department Attache with a number of cities and countries under his "belt". They lived in Tbilisi for a year. Loved the city, the country and its people. Reminds me of Zagreb and Croatia. I'm inspired to search out & make friendly gestures for the Cats in whatever next city, town, village I walk into. Thank you for your Light that brings calm in a world that no longer makes any sense. Be safe out there. We need you as much as you need all of us.

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Crying 😿

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Patti, I know that like me,

you dig police procedural shows

Now that you’re home

you might enjoy watching

the Icelandic show

The Valhalla Murders

on Netflix

(if you haven’t seen I already.)

Very much in the vein of

The Killing

and Gracepoint.

You’ll dig it.

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