Beautiful poem, it reminds me of Paul Celan….❤️

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❤️ Delivered on my birthday too 😃 A great poem. 🙋🏻‍♀️

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Intrigued by the gold and blue

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Thinking of you, Patti, and Fred Sonic Smith, on your wedding anniversary. Here is a little poem by W.S. Merwin.

With warmth,



The long waves glide in through the afternoon

while we watch from the island

from the cool shadow under the trees where the long ridge

a fold in the skirt of the mountain

runs down to the end of the headland

day after day we wake to the island

the light rises through the drops on the leaves

and we remember like birds where we are

night after night we touch the dark island

that once we set out for

and lie still at last with the island in our arms

hearing the leaves and the breathing shore

there are no years any more

only the one mountain

and on all sides the sea that brought us

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Mar 1, 2022·edited Mar 1, 2022

Once again, lovely...perfect. And thanks for that beautiful rendering of Emily Dickinson's poem on Marginalian. That was the most - intimately- that I have ever felt her poetry. Its very interesting and inspiring to me how you encapsulate both the delicately peaceful and the rebel warrior. https://www.themarginalian.org/2020/08/06/patti-smith-reads-emily-dickinson/?mc_cid=75e5b74ccc&mc_eid=2bde8a7110.

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Blue and gold. Ukraine colours. Thank you❤️

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Thank you! So beautiful. Gold against blue.

William Carlos Williams was my pediatricians Dad. :).

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Beautifully recited. Thank you Patti!

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Accidentally deleted my previous post but just want to express my awe and respect for the brave citizens of Ukraine for their resistance and the brave protestors in Russia for their refusal to accept the lies and the madness. And thank you, Patti, for sharing that beautiful poem. So timely. ✌️

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Sleep safe till tomorrow.

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Feb 28, 2022·edited Feb 28, 2022

When my son was very young I showed him how I find solace in nature. How I gain balance in nature among loving beings great and small. We are natural beings needing a natural world in order to thrive. The Machines are pulling us away from our Natural World. The Machines that slither in this world need to be seen. Our senses are being dampened. The media is assaulting our minds from all directions. It takes great effort to escape exposure to the media. News of the war is part of the plan to keep us in fear. When children act like they are not paying attention, it's time to pay more attention.

my boots are on

i am a peaceful warrior

raising vibrations

above the fear frequency

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write on, Patti donna in vt

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What beauty. Please keep my brothers and sisters in the Ukrain safe. My they find a safe place to sleep. May sisters arms be intertwined and their babies, brothers, fathers and husbands come home to their loving arms.

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