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March First

Mexico at rest ivy and Frederick

Hello everyone. I am in Mexico City as I have a performance with Soundwalk Collection this evening. I am staying in the heart of the city and it is beating madly. Presidential elections are looming and the streets are teeming with people, marching, delivering speeches on loud speakers and singing. Lenny Kaye is with me and we took a long walk around the ancient churches, the outdoor markets and the hundreds if not thousands of future voters. I am battling altitude sickness but I think I will be fine. I bought a clay bird at the market and am already quite fond of it. It was the only one and has a chipped beak.Right now I am resting and finishing a book given to me before my journey. There is a nice view from my room and I made a silent video for you with my phone.

Today would be my 44th wedding anniversary. Fred and I were married on a leap year so it feels deeply nostalgic. The ivy beyond my windows here reminds me of our home in Michigan, an old stone country house covered with ivy. Tonight after my performance with Soundwalk, Lenny and I will do an acoustic version of Because the Night for Fred, who inspired the lyrics. Then People have the power, which Fred and I wrote, in honor of all the people filling the streets here in Mexico City preparing to vote. Hopefully I will be able to send some videos.

Well, rest period is over, have to go to work. Below are a couple pictures sent with all good wishes from the heart of Mexico City. I will send more later…..

happily having tortillas
Speaking with students in Guadalajara
Performance with Soundwalk

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