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It's a leap year so...

Reading from the New Jerusalem

Happy February first. It’s a leap year, and I have leapt into this little book nearly unpremeditated. It was just there and now here. I think I will read it to you til we reach the end. It’s a small book and February is the shortest month, though neither wanting in intensity. And being a leap year we can look forward to February 29th. Perhaps the opening will raise questions, though I’m not altogether certain I can answer, as much of the work was written in a kind of emotional code.

The New Jerusalem published by Nexus Institute

Now I am switching gears and heading to Oliver Ray’s Substack: Rimbaud’s Lost Papers. He is a gifted writer with a unique and generous perspective, and has a nice surprise waiting for me there. You can find him on my list of recommendations or in the high Abyssinian plain, in search of a certain valise that only a diviner such as he might unearth.

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