First breath of 2024

Just a little revisit with Cairo

Hello! Happy New Year everyone! For the first moments of 2024 I am reposting the above video, which contains the early thoughts of 2023. I thought you may like to see a little of Cairo, who was so loved by so many of you.I miss her all the time, especially when I am writing, as she liked nothing better than to sit on my open notebooks and join me in my happy struggles.

We love our companions, they are part of our family and when they must leave us, we mourn with immeasurable depth. I miss her jumping up on my work table when I am sending you all a message, I miss her curled by my side at night. But just as with my departed loved ones, she is with me always. I hope you like seeing Cairo. I also wanted to repost the video it as it feels so happy and optimistic; a late night high-spirited moment. I had just talked to Tom Verlaine on the phone about life, Gumby, the starry firmament and our funniest times together.

Tom sadly passed away a few weeks later on January 28. Cairo died on John Coltrane’s birthday, September 23rd, under Jesse’s care. Tom and Cairo, two beautiful souls.

I hope all is well for everyone. I am a bit tired from the events of the past month, but happily back on track. Just resting, walking, and staying balanced. In 2024 I am hoping to finish the book I am writing, enrich our Substack and get as sturdy as possible. We all have goals, but it is good to offset lofty ones with simple and practical ones. Write a poem and take a walk. Make charitable efforts then take a subway to the sea, and always drink plenty of water.

A new year, or as my mom always said….”A clean slate, a fresh sheet.” I can still see her taking the dried sheets off the line and slipping the wooden clothespins in her housecoat pocket. So happy New Year everyone the future is in our hands.


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