thank you for sharing this...let's hope all is peaceful ...

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R.I.P. Shane MacGowan of The Pogues.

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When you spoke about the ‚blue whale‘ shaped sight of Ancona’s shore line touched you, I thought instantly of Melville‘s Moby Dick….

The Marche is a beautiful area in Italy. Not far from the Abbruzzi Mountains!

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Find a place to free yourself from a thousand cares that bind.

And free the weary body and the sorry mind!


Look what your post inspired.

And the attributes you brought forth.

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Looks like a place that would convey a sense of peace and calm. We could all use some of that! Thanks for bringing us along with you!

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The shape of a landscape, a snapshot with the eye...a photo...I see - feel whale ...deep blue peace

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I love Ancona! So will you. Beautiful region to explore.

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Hola Patti,

Le Marche is a fascinating region in Italy. Lucky the Italians to get you in there! Enjoy it at its best as you succeed , as usual. Thanks for sahring! Wellcome in Europe.


Alicia Ríos, from Madrid & Cádiz.

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Good morning from London. I wasn’t quite sure about Ancona as l haven’t really heard anything about it before so will be interested to hear more. It sounds like a good hotel and l hope you managed to have a good sleep.

How sad l am to see those cruise ships, they are a blight on the landscape and do so much damage environmentally and to towns they visit.

Enjoy your visit and l so look forward to more tales and photos 🙏

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Reading you is such a balm!

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I’ve been to many places in Italy, but had not heard of Ancona. Hope you share some thoughts about your travels there. I’m curious. Is it another concert or another Poet who intrigues you?

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Hello Patti, I have never been to this part of Italy. Looks interesting. Enjoy exploring!

Buona notte e sogni d'oro XO

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Welcome to Italy Patti!... Im heartbroken at the thought that tomorrow you are playing in Pescara, very close to where I live, but I won't be able to come and see you. Last time I saw you we were in English land, in London, fantastic concert. I hope you are enjoying the winter seaside energising air.

As you are going to share your songs and poems in Pescara, I wanted to share with you a poem by Gabriele D'Annunzio. He was an Italian poet born in Pescara in 1863, quite a prominent figure in the 18th century Italian literature.

Here is the poem...

A Genre Picture

The evening’s mild: darlings

play, singing under the balconies;

in the bars, headlong on wings,

toasts and good bottles pop in volleys;

and off like many a sparrow

laughing children go.

The evening’s mild: the beat

bounces, flying from hearts that are glad;

to the sound of cymbals in the street,

tawny gypsies, all flower-clad,

in the candid, new moon’s aura

hop, dancing the tarantella.

Quadretto di genere

La sera è placida: gl’innamorati

suonano cantano sotto i balconi;

dentro le bettole fieri ed alati

sprizzano i brindisi a i vini buoni;

via come passeri in compagnia

ridono corrono i bimbi via.

La sera è placida: le canzonette

balzano volano dai lieti cuori;

a ’l suon de’ cimbali ne le stradette

le brune zingare cinte di fiori

sotto la candida luna novella

saltano ballano la tarantella.

Here you can find more poems, if you like his style.


I wish You a wonderful stay in Italian land... and I truly hope that one day our paths meet again.

(P.S. If you like meat, I strongly recommend to try the famous 'arrosticini' (grilled diced sheep meat on skewers) one of the most well known dish of the Abruzzo region.

Pescara is definitely the right place to do it! :)


Cristiana X

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Safe travels and thank you for the travelogue, really enjoyed reading about Ancona and seeing the photos.

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It is such a pleasure to have this little window into your beautiful life.

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Looking forward to hearing about Ancona, it certainly does look like a blue whale rising from the waters, enjoy your time there Patti. The full moon is shining bright through my window here in Scotland tonight, majestic and mystical on a cold November night 🌕

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