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Lenny Kaye stops by for a 50th anniversary

Lenny and I reminisce recording our first single

Hello everybody,

Today is June 5th, the 50th anniversary of the recording of Hey Joe/ Piss Factory at Electric Lady Studios. It was our first single and pathed the way to the making of our first album Horses, also recorded at Electric Lady. Below is the B side, where you can hear some of our pianist, the late Richard Sohl’s stellar playing. Lenny and I had a nice day together and he stopped by so we could say hello to you all. It’s very heartening to have a friend that has been by your side for over half a century. I hope everyone is doing well. I am going to Detroit tomorrow for the reopening of the old Detroit Metro Train Station, but will be back Saturday to report.

The Wall of Electric Lady Studios.
Studio B Electric Lady

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