The passing day of Artaud (video:Janine Bub)

Mar 4, 2023

Tonight in Paris at the Pompidou, Stefan Craneanscki (Soundwalk Collective) and I will present an evening honoring the anniversary of the death of Antonin Artaud. Below is the remembrance card we made for the event. In two days our exhibit entitled EVIDENCE will close. It has been a moving experience developing and installing this exhibition. I will send pictures after the night is over.

I hope everyone is well and navigating any challenges at the best of your ability. I am writing, getting semi lost in the city and observing the work of others. I finished watching the series Under the Queens Umbrella. It bewitched me for sure.

Yesterday, I sat on the floor of the Joseph Beuys room and watched a film shot in New York City in 1974. It was of Beuys spending three days in an empty room with a coyote. The artist slept on some hay in a corner of the room and I wished I could do the same. Those were happy moments. I wrote and being jet lagged kept nodding. The film was shot in black and white. I left pining for a coat I don’t have, but imagined, a seamless coat made with the felt from one of the rolls in the installation. The felt of Joseph Beuys.

Remembrance card.
From the film I Like America and America likes me