Greetings from Rockaway Beach

My foot, the ocean, just saying hello

May 13, 2023

I love the sound of the sea so I couldn’t resist sending it to you. With a poem of Rimbaud called Marine or Seascape translated by Francis Golffing. It is from the book Illuminations, that includes his last known poems. I had to send this via phone, a new task for me, so it’s a bit piecemeal. In any event, a wave from the ocean.



The chariots of silver and copper. 

The prows of steel and silver 
Beat foam 

And lift up the stumps of the bramble. 

The currents of the heath 

And the immense ruts delved by their reflux 

Veer in a circle to the east, 

Toward the pillars of the forest, 

Toward the piles of the jetty, 

Whose angle is struck by the whirlwinds of light. 

And off I go..

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